Interface ActionProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
AzureusTorrentPanel, CalpaHtmlPanel, ChannelPanel, ChatProviderPanel, FreewayPanel, GiFTDaemonPanel, HotlistPanel, JTellaPanel, LibraryPanel, LimeWirePanel, OAVPanel, OpenNapServerPanel, OpenNapWhoisPanel, OptionSubmenuAction, OvernetPanel, PircBotPanel, SearchPanel, StatsPanel, SubmenuAction, TransferPanel

public interface ActionProvider

Defines the requirements for classes that provide actions. Used to display panel specific icons in the tool bar when a panel is selected.

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Method Summary
 javax.swing.Action[] getActions()
          Returns the actions to be shown in the tool bar.

Method Detail


javax.swing.Action[] getActions()
Returns the actions to be shown in the tool bar.

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