Chapter 4. Configuring XNap

4.1. General

4.1.1. Personal Username

Enter a username which is used by some network plugins to log on to their respective networks.

The name may not contain any spaces or special characters like a quotation mark. These characters are not accepted as input, so you don't have to worry about this. Password

At least the OpenNap plugin is known to need an additional password for logging on to a server. The password is not really important and shouldn't be one of your real password since it's stored in your home directory in the file .xnap/ which may be readable by other people. Email

Again the OpenNap plugin needs an email address for logging on, but we'd recommend you to use some bogus address or just leave the default address unchanged. Language

XNap has been translated into several languages. In case your preferred language hasn't been recognized correctly you can choose a language from the combo box.

You need to restart XNap for the language changes to take effect. Emacs Keybindings

What we refer to as Emacs keybindings is a small set of keybindings which happen to be the standard keybindings in GNU Emacs and the bash for editing and copying text and moving the cursor in the text.

If you enable this feature the keybindings are available in all kinds of text fields and text areas.

Disabling them again only takes effect after restarting XNap.

These are the keybindings which are implemented so far:


Deletes the text to the end of the line.


Deletes the next character.


Deletes the next word.


Deletes the previous word.


Capitalize the next word.


Downcase the next word.


Upcase the next word.


Set a mark for a copy or cut operation.


Cuts the marked region and puts it in the kill-ring.


Copies the marked region and puts it in the kill-ring.


Paste text from the kill-ring.


Cycle through kill-ring.


Move cursor to the end of the line.


Move cursor to the beginning of the line.


Move cursor to the next line.


Move cursor to the previous line.


Move cursor to the next character.


Move cursor to the previous character.


Move cursor to the beginning of the next word.


Move cursor to the beginning of the previous word.


Move cursor to the beginning of the document.


Move cursor to the end of the document.


Move cursor one page down.


Move cursor one page up. Default Completion Mode

By selecting one of the items presented in the Combobox you can set the global completion mode default.

Every textfield which support completion and whose completion mode is set to Default will use the global default completion mode.

For more information on how each mode works see Completion.

4.1.2. Confirm

When you execute a possibly irreversible action it is XNap's default behaviour to open a confirmation dialog asking you if you really want to execute this action.

All of these confirmation dialogs have a checkbox to turn them off. Whether they are shown or not can be configured in this panel.