Package org.xnap.gui.util

Provides utility classes for common gui tasks.


Class Summary
DragFilesSupport DragFilesSupport enables dragging of files for a component implementing the FileProvider interface.
EmacsKeyBindings Generic class which activates Emacs keybindings for java input JTextComponents.
EmacsKeyBindings.BackwardKillWordAction Kills the previous word.
EmacsKeyBindings.CapitalizeWordAction Capitalizes the next word.
EmacsKeyBindings.DowncaseWordAction Renders all characters of the next word to lowercase.
EmacsKeyBindings.KillLineAction Kills text up to the end of the current line and stores it in the killring.
EmacsKeyBindings.KillRegionAction Kills the marked region and stores it in the killring.
EmacsKeyBindings.KillRingSaveAction Copies the marked region and stores it in the killring.
EmacsKeyBindings.KillWordAction Kills the next word.
EmacsKeyBindings.SetMarkCommandAction Sets a beginning mark.
EmacsKeyBindings.UpcaseWordAction Renders all characters of the next word to upppercase.
EmacsKeyBindings.YankAction Pastes text from killring.
EmacsKeyBindings.YankPopAction Pastes an element from the killring cycling through it.
FileArray Simple wrapper for an array of files needed by TransferableFile.
FocusHandler Requests the focus for a given component when its FocusHandler.componentShown(ComponentEvent) is called.
FocusManager Provides a helper class for the focus requests.
GridBagHelper This helper class provides convenience methods to add components to a GridBagLayout.
GUIHelper Helps with gui related tasks.
HelpManager A helper class providing the main helpset and helpbroker and some convenience functions for registering help keys in components.
IconHelper This class provides methods to get icons in certain sizes.
IconHelper.EmptyIcon Provides an empty, transparent icon.
SwingSynchronizedCache This class caches ListEvent objects and adds them in a Swing synchronized manner to a SwingListListener.
TransferableFile TransferableFile contains the files which are dragged by DragFilesSupport and received by for instance a DroppableTree.
XNapHelpBroker Extends the DefaultHelpBroker to use XNap's own HelpDialog for a consisten look and feel.

Package org.xnap.gui.util Description

Provides utility classes for common gui tasks.

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