Package org.xnap.plugin.jtella

A Gnutella plugin based on the JTella library.


Class Summary
ConnectToJTellaServantAction Connect to a servant.
JTellaConnectionTableModel Table model for Connection objects.
JTellaDownload Downloads a file.
JTellaDownloadAction Downloads a file.
JTellaDownloadContainer Manages JTellaDownload objects.
JTellaDownloadContainerAction Downloads a file.
JTellaPlugin Provides a gnutella network plugin based on the jtella library.
JTellaPreferencesPanel Provides the JTella preferences panel.
JTellaSearch Implements a jtella search session.
JTellaSearchResult This class is the default implementation for search results.
JTellaSearchResultContainer This class provides a container for JTellaSearchResult objects.
JTellaServant This class represents a gnutella servant.

Package org.xnap.plugin.jtella Description

A Gnutella plugin based on the JTella library.

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