Class OpenNapAbstractChannel

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Channel, ChannelInfo, OpenNapConsole, ExceptionListener
Direct Known Subclasses:
OpenNapChannel, PrivateOpenNapChannel

public abstract class OpenNapAbstractChannel
extends AbstractChannel
implements OpenNapConsole

Manages a list of channels.

Field Summary
protected  OpenNapServer server
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Constructor Summary
OpenNapAbstractChannel(OpenNapServer server, java.lang.String name)
Method Summary
 void exceptionThrown(java.lang.Exception e)
 ChatProvider getProvider()
          Returns a reference to the chat provider.
 OpenNapServer getServer()
 boolean isLocal(Peer peer)
          Returns true, if peer is the local peer.
 void println(java.lang.String s)
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actionMessageReceived, add, addChannelListener, errorReceived, getCommands, getIcon, getName, getPeerCount, getPeers, getPrefix, getTopic, infoReceived, joined, messageReceived, parted, peerChanged, remove, removeChannelListener, setTopic, topicChanged
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close, getActions, getPeerActions, isJoined, sendMessage

Field Detail


protected OpenNapServer server
Constructor Detail


public OpenNapAbstractChannel(OpenNapServer server,
                              java.lang.String name)
Method Detail


public void exceptionThrown(java.lang.Exception e)
Specified by:
exceptionThrown in interface ExceptionListener


public ChatProvider getProvider()
Description copied from interface: Channel
Returns a reference to the chat provider.

Specified by:
getProvider in interface Channel
null, if the channel has no provider; the provider, otherwise


public OpenNapServer getServer()
Specified by:
getServer in interface OpenNapConsole


public boolean isLocal(Peer peer)
Description copied from interface: Channel
Returns true, if peer is the local peer. XNap does not beep if messages are received from local peers.

Specified by:
isLocal in interface Channel


public void println(java.lang.String s)
Specified by:
println in interface OpenNapConsole

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