3.12. Settings Menu

Settings->Show Main Toolbar

Shows or hides the main toolbar, from which the most common functions are accessible as small buttons. See Main Toolbar for more information.

Settings->Show Hotlist

Shows or hides the hotlist. See Hotlist Panel for more information.

Settings->Show Panels

Opens a submenu where you can toggle the visibility of the Chat Panel and the Library Panel.

Settings->Use Tabbed View for Main Application

Toggle the main layout of XNap from a tabbed view to an icon list view.

Settings->Use Tabbed View For Transfers

Toggles the layout of the transfer panel. There are two choices: display the downloads and uploads table each in an different panel or display them in the same panel split vertically.

Settings->Look & Feel

Opens a submenu where you can opt for one of the "look and feels" available on your system.

To get a preview of how each "look and feel" looks you can go to Look & Feel.

Settings->Setup Wizard...

This opens the Setup Wizard dialog which helped you configure XNap when you started it for the first time.

Settings->Configure Plugins...

Opens the preferences dialog for the plugins.

Settings->Configure XNap...

Opens XNap's the preferences dialog.

See Configuring XNap for information on configuring XNap.