Interface StateListener

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ConnectAction, DisconnectAction, DownloadLinkAction, FilteredTransferContainerTreeTableNode, FilteredTransferTableModel, HotlistTableModel, JOscarPeer, JOscarPlugin, JOscarStatusPanel, OpenNapDownload, OpenNapNetworkNode, OvernetPanel, OvernetPlugin, OvernetStatusPanel, PircBotNetworkNode, PircBotPanel, TransferContainerTreeTableNode, TransferTreeTableNode

public interface StateListener
extends java.util.EventListener

The interface for receiving state change events.

Method Summary
 void stateChanged(StateEvent event)
          Invoked when the object has changed.

Method Detail


void stateChanged(StateEvent event)
Invoked when the object has changed. Usually if the object is represented on screen the gui needs to be updated.

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