Class TransferTreeTableNode

  extended by org.xnap.gui.table.LeafTreeTableNode
      extended by org.xnap.gui.table.TransferTreeTableNode
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.EventListener, StateListener, TreeTableNode

public class TransferTreeTableNode
extends LeafTreeTableNode
implements StateListener

Provides a node for transfer objects that have no children.

Constructor Summary
TransferTreeTableNode(TransferTableModel model, Transfer transfer)
          Constructs the node.
Method Summary
 void stateChanged(StateEvent event)
          Invoked when the object has changed.
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Constructor Detail


public TransferTreeTableNode(TransferTableModel model,
                             Transfer transfer)
Constructs the node.

model - the table model
transfer - the transfer, should not implements TransferContainer
Method Detail


public void stateChanged(StateEvent event)
Description copied from interface: StateListener
Invoked when the object has changed. Usually if the object is represented on screen the gui needs to be updated.

Specified by:
stateChanged in interface StateListener

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