Uses of Interface

Packages that use Peer Provides interfaces and classes for chat communication. 
org.xnap.gui Provides interfaces and classes for the graphical user interface. Provides implementations of common menus. 
org.xnap.gui.table Provides table model and table cell renderer classes including the tree table classes. 
org.xnap.peer Provides interfaces and classes for peers. 
org.xnap.plugin.jtella A Gnutella plugin based on the JTella library. 
org.xnap.plugin.opennap.gui Provides the OpenNap network communication classes for search, transfer and chat. 
org.xnap.plugin.pircbot An IRC plugin based on the PircBot library. Provides interfaces and classes that enable searching for files. 
org.xnap.transfer Provides interfaces and classes for transfers. 

Uses of Peer in

Methods in that return Peer
 Peer ChannelEvent.getPeer()
 Peer[] AbstractChannel.getPeers()
 Peer[] Channel.getPeers()
          Returns an array of peers that have joined this channel.

Methods in with parameters of type Peer
 void AbstractChannel.actionMessageReceived(Peer sender, java.lang.String message)
 void AbstractChannel.add(Peer peer)
 void ChannelSupport.fireMessageReceived(Peer sender, java.lang.String message, int messageType)
 void ChannelSupport.firePeerAdded(Peer peer)
 void ChannelSupport.firePeerChanged(Peer peer)
 void ChannelSupport.firePeerRemoved(Peer peer)
 javax.swing.Action[] Channel.getPeerActions(Peer peer)
          Returns an array of peer specific actions.
 java.lang.String AbstractChannel.getPrefix(Peer peer)
          Returns the empty string.
 java.lang.String Channel.getPrefix(Peer peer)
          Returns a name prefix for peer.
 boolean Channel.isLocal(Peer peer)
          Returns true, if peer is the local peer.
 void AbstractChannel.messageReceived(Peer sender, java.lang.String message)
 void AbstractChannel.peerChanged(Peer peer)
 void AbstractChannel.remove(Peer peer)

Constructors in with parameters of type Peer
ChannelEvent(java.lang.Object source, int id, Peer peer)
ChannelEvent(java.lang.Object source, Peer peer, java.lang.String message, int messageType)

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.gui

Methods in org.xnap.gui that return Peer
 Peer[] ChannelPanel.getPeers()
 Peer[] PeerProvider.getPeers()
          Invoked by an action to query the selected Peer objects.
 Peer[] SearchPanel.getPeers()
          Returns the currently selected Peer objects.
 Peer[] TransferManagerPanel.getPeers()
          Implements PeerProvider.
 Peer[] TransferPanel.getPeers()
static Peer[] TransferPanel.getPeers(TransferProvider p)
          Returns the Peer objects provided by p.

Uses of Peer in

Methods in with parameters of type Peer
static int PeerMenu.addActions(AbstractDynamicMenu menu, Peer[] peers)
static void PeerMenu.addInfo(AbstractDynamicMenu menu, Peer peer)

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.gui.table

Methods in org.xnap.gui.table that return Peer
 Peer PeerTableModel.get(int i)

Methods in org.xnap.gui.table with parameters of type Peer
 void PeerTableModel.add(Peer u)
 void PeerTableModel.add(Peer u, boolean filterDuplicates)
 void ChatPeerTableModel.changed(Peer peer)
          Invoked when peer has changed.
 boolean PeerTableModel.contains(Peer u)
 int PeerTableModel.indexOf(Peer u)
 void PeerTableModel.remove(Peer u)

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.peer

Classes in org.xnap.peer that implement Peer
 class AbstractPeer
          This class provides the default implementation for a peer.

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.azureus

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.azureus that return Peer
 Peer AzureusDownload.getPeer()
 Peer AzureusDownloadContainer.getPeer()
 Peer AzureusPeerDownload.getPeer()

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.freeway

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.freeway that return Peer
 Peer FreewayDownload.getPeer()
 Peer FreewaySearchResult.getPeer()

Uses of Peer in

Classes in that implement Peer
 class GiFTUser

Methods in that return Peer
 Peer GiFTDownload.getPeer()
 Peer GiFTDownloadContainer.getPeer()
 Peer GiFTSearchResult.getPeer()
 Peer GiFTUpload.getPeer()

Constructors in with parameters of type Peer
GiFTSearchResult(GiFTDaemon daemon, long size, Peer user, java.lang.String filename, java.lang.String hash, java.lang.String node, java.lang.String mime, java.lang.String url, int score, java.util.Hashtable meta)
          Constructor for GiFTSearchResult.

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.joscar

Classes in org.xnap.plugin.joscar that implement Peer
 class JOscarPeer

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.joscar with parameters of type Peer
 javax.swing.Action[] JOscarChannel.getPeerActions(Peer peer)
 boolean JOscarChannel.isLocal(Peer peer)

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.jtella

Classes in org.xnap.plugin.jtella that implement Peer
 class JTellaServant
          This class represents a gnutella servant.

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.jtella that return Peer
 Peer JTellaDownload.getPeer()
 Peer JTellaDownloadContainer.getPeer()
 Peer JTellaSearchResult.getPeer()
          Returns the peer that offer this result for download.

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.limewire

Classes in org.xnap.plugin.limewire that implement Peer
 class LimeWireServant
          This class represents a gnutella servant.

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.limewire that return Peer
 Peer LimeWireDownload.getPeer()
 Peer LimeWireSearchResult.getPeer()
          Returns the peer that offer this result for download.
 Peer LimeWireUpload.getPeer()

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.limewire with parameters of type Peer
 javax.swing.Action[] LimeWireChatChannel.getPeerActions(Peer peer)
 boolean LimeWireChatChannel.isLocal(Peer peer)

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.opennap.gui

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.opennap.gui that return Peer
 Peer[] OpenNapWhoisPanel.getPeers()

Uses of Peer in

Methods in that return Peer
 Peer OpenNapDirectBrowse.getPeer()
 Peer OpenNapDirectBrowseUpload.getPeer()
 Peer OpenNapDownload.getPeer()
 Peer OpenNapDownloadContainer.getPeer()
 Peer OpenNapSearchResult.getPeer()
          Returns the peer that offer this result for download.
 Peer OpenNapUpload.getPeer()
 Peer[] PrivateOpenNapChannel.getPeers()

Methods in with parameters of type Peer
 void OpenNapChannel.add(Peer peer)
 javax.swing.Action[] OpenNapChannel.getPeerActions(Peer peer)
 javax.swing.Action[] PrivateOpenNapChannel.getPeerActions(Peer peer)
 boolean OpenNapAbstractChannel.isLocal(Peer peer)

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.opennap.user

Classes in org.xnap.plugin.opennap.user that implement Peer
 class OpenNapUser

Uses of Peer in

Methods in that return Peer
 Peer OvernetDownload.getPeer()
 Peer OvernetSearchResult.getPeer()
 Peer OvernetUpload.getPeer()

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.overnet.peer

Classes in org.xnap.plugin.overnet.peer that implement Peer
 class OvernetPeer

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.plugin.pircbot

Classes in org.xnap.plugin.pircbot that implement Peer
 class PircBotPeer
          This class represents a PircBot user.

Methods in org.xnap.plugin.pircbot with parameters of type Peer
 javax.swing.Action[] PircBotChannel.getPeerActions(Peer peer)
 java.lang.String PircBotChannel.getPrefix(Peer peer)
 boolean PircBotChannel.isLocal(Peer peer)
 void PircBotChannel.setOp(Peer peer, boolean isOperator)
 void PircBotChannel.setVoice(Peer peer, boolean hasVoice)

Uses of Peer in

Methods in that return Peer
 Peer AbstractSearchResultContainer.getPeer()
          Returns null.
 Peer MetaInfoFileSearchResult.getPeer()
 Peer SearchResult.getPeer()
          Returns the peer that offer this result for download.

Uses of Peer in org.xnap.transfer

Methods in org.xnap.transfer that return Peer
 Peer DccDownload.getPeer()
 Peer DccUpload.getPeer()
 Peer Queueable.getPeer()
 Peer Transfer.getPeer()
          Returns the peer.

Constructors in org.xnap.transfer with parameters of type Peer
DccDownload(Peer peer, java.lang.String filename, long filesize, java.lang.String host, int port)
DccUpload(Peer peer, file)

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