There are several ways of contacting us and/or getting help:

[In the case that you have any legal concern about this project, an informal notification is requested prior to any other actions, such as filing for injunctive relief or dissuasion (German: Abmahnung).]


First of all check, the "Frequently Asked Questions" (available from the help menu), maybe your question is already answered there.


If you think that you've found a bug in XNap then please visit the bug tracking system on our homepage ( Look through the list of bugs to check whether the bug is already listed, and if it is, just add a comment to the existing report. If there is no matching report yet, file a new one with as many details as possible.

If you're not really sure whether what you've found really is a bug in XNap, or whether it is just something on your machine that is broken or somehow misconfigured, then please post to our forum (see the link on the left side on our homepage) first. In most cases this actually is the best idea anyway, since that way others can comment and maybe help you, especially if you have problems concerning a specific operating system like Mac OS X (which tends to have quite a lot of problems unfortunately).

Feature requests

If you think that a certain feature/functionality is missing in XNap then please visit the feature request tracking system on our homepage. Just proceed as described above for bug reports.

Anything else

If you just want to praise us for developing XNap, or, if you want to verbally punish us for releasing such blatant crap to the public, or, if you just want to tell us something else, email is the way to go (see below). Please also note, however, that we might not be able to answer in a timely manner or even answer at all due to time constraints.


If you want to send criticism, questions or suggest, post to our feedback list .

For development related stuff, please use our development list .

You can also contact any of our developers directly. See the project page for contact information.


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