XNap 2.5r3 released    2004-07-14 09:11 - XNap - A P2P framework and client
This release comes with updated server list providers, because (the site XNap used to fetch servers from), has been down for some time. All folks who had problems with getting or connecting to servers are definitely recommended to upgrade. The server list providers can now be changed conviently from within XNap as well, the way it has been for some time already
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XNap OpenNap plugin 3.0.1 released   2004-06-20 10:40 - XNap - A P2P framework and client
The download table has been improved to reflect the download status more accurately. Support for and has been added.
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XNap 3.0-pre1 released   2004-06-20 10:36 - XNap - A P2P framework and client
Most notably auto completion has been implemented for most input fields and a shortcut editor has been added. In addition to the core release some of the plugins have been updated as well to fix minor bugs.
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XNap 3.0 survey   2004-05-09 14:04 - XNap - A P2P framework and client
If you have used XNap 3.0 already, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, take the time to go to and tell us whether you think that XNap 3.0 is usable and stable already or not. Thanks in advance for your participation!
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XNap 2.5r2 released   2004-03-23 03:56 - XNap - A P2P framework and client
XNap is a Java plugin-based peer-to-peer (P2P) framework and client including an OpenNap plugin with multiple server support, as well as Gnutella, giFT (OpenFT), IRC, ICQ and an OverNet plugin. XNap provides resuming, chat, hotlist and a media library. This release fixes a rather critical bug that caused large amounts of tcp sockets remaining in CLOSE_WAIT state forever.
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XNap OpenNap plugin 3.0-pre4 released    2004-03-22 17:28 - XNap - A P2P framework and client
With this release a number of bugs have been fixed: Downloads do not get stuck in error states anymore, a timeout of 2 minutes is now observed for downloads from firewalled peers, automatic removal of unreachable servers has been implemented, some more synchronization issues have been fixed, an infinite recursion when checking user limits has been removed and the filename tokenizer was improved.
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XNap LimeWire plugin 1.1.4 released    2004-03-22 17:23 - XNap - A P2P framework and client
This release fixes the startup problems that were related to a missing null pointer check and occured when auto connect to network was enabled.
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