We provide stable and tested versions as well as unstable development versions, which normally have more features but may contain bugs. See the NEWS file for details.

Requirements (all platforms): JRE 1.3.0 (or higher)

Latest stable release: XNap 2.5r3

Platform independent     xnap-2.5r3.jar
Windows Installer xnap-2.5r3-installer.exe
Mac OS X Installer xnap-2.5r3-Mac-OS-X.tar.gz
Linux Debian Package xnap_2.5r3-1_all.deb
Linux RPM Package xnap-2.5r3-1.noarch.rpm
Linux Tarball xnap-2.5r3.tar.gz
Sourcecode Tarball xnap-2.5r3-src.tar.gz

Older versions can be found at our Sourceforge download page .


If you want to stay on the cutting edge or participate in the development process you can use the CVS services provided by SourceForge .

Use the following instructions to get a snapshot:

$ cvs login
When prompted for a password just press Enter .
$ cvs -z3 co xnap3


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