See below for a list of avaible plugins. Use the plugin installer that ships with XNap to install plugins.

Some of the plugins listed here may only exist in cvs, so the download links may not work. See the list of files page for information on wheter a plugin has been released as a package.

XNap 3.0-pre1 (xnap-core)

XNap application.
Depends on: forms (>= 1.0.2) gnu.getopt (>= 1.0.9) jh (>= 1.1.3) kunststoff (>= 2.0.1) libreadline-java (>= 0.8.0) log4j (>= 1.2.8) touchgraph (>= 1.21)

ICQ 1.1.4 (xnap-joscar-plugin)

ICQ plugin based on ooimlib.
This plugin provides basic access to the ICQ network allowing you to chat with your friends and see when they are online. The implementation is based on JOscarLib.jar.
Depends on: ooimlib (= cvs20031004) xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta6)

IRC 1.2.1 (xnap-pircbot-plugin)

IRC chat plugin based on PircBot.
With this plugin you can use XNap as a regular IRC client.
Depends on: pircbot (= 1.2.5) xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta3)

Looks 1.0.0 (xnap-laf-looks-plugin)

Provides a set of fancy Plastic Look and Feels.
The Plastic Look and Feels also include a bunch of nice color themes.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta3)

giFT 1.1.4 (xnap-gift-plugin)

Provides a frontend for the giFT daemon.
This plugin requires a giFT daemon either installed on the local machine or running on a remote machine . A giFT daemon can be obtained from
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

LimeWire 1.1.4 (xnap-limewire-plugin)

Gnutella network plugin based on LimeWire.
This plugin uses the limewire technology (see to connect to the Gnutella network.
Depends on: limewire-core (= 4.0.6) xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta6)

OpenNap 3.0.1 (xnap-opennap-plugin)

OpenNap network plugin.
The plugin . Support for multiple Servers. . Multi-Source downloading.
Depends on: jd3lib xnap-core (>= 3.0-pre1)

Overnet 1.1.5 (xnap-overnet-plugin)

Frontend for the overnet core.
This plugin needs a current jre (1.4.0 or higher) since it makes use of non-blocking IO calls. For this plugin to work you need to download an overnet core at and run the core concurrently with XNap.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta6)

Text To Speech 1.1.2 (xnap-festival-plugin)

Text to Speech Plugin that uses festival for text output.
This plugin requires festival installed in your path. (Festival is available at, and needs a Unix-like operating system, such as Linux, BSD or Mac OS X.)

News 0.2.0 (xnap-news-plugin)

Provides XNap release news.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-pre1)

Bitzi Lookup 0.1.0 (xnap-bitzi-plugin)

Provides Metadata lookups.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta6)

Stats 1.0.1 (xnap-stats-plugin)

Provides a plugin displaying various application statistics
This plugin displays various application statistics such as total downloads, total uploads, transferred data, etc.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-pre1) jfreechart (>= 0.9.17)

Acrobat viewer 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-acrobatviewer-plugin)

Viewer plugin for pdf files.
This plugin enables you to view pdf files directly from XNap.
Depends on: acrobat xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

Image viewer 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-imageviewer-plugin)

Viewer plugin for jpegs, pngs and gifs.
With this plugin you can view image files in the most popular formats such as jpeg, gif, or png directly from XNap.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

JMF Player 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-jmfplayer-plugin)

Media player based on the Java Media Framework (JMF).
The JMF is licensed under a proprietary license. See README.JMF-2.1.1e.html for details.
Depends on: jmf xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

MP3 Tag Editor 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-mp3tageditor-plugin)

Mp3 tag editor.
With this plugin you can conveniently edit the tags of your mp3 files, directly from XNap.
Depends on: jd3lib xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

Text Viewer 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-textviewer-plugin)

Text and html viewer plugin.
With this plugin you can view text and hmtl messages directly from XNap.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

Video Info 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-videoinfo-plugin)

Video file information plugin.
This plugin enables you to view information about your video files.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

Ogg Vorbis Info 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-vorbisviewer-plugin)

Displays information about ogg vorbis files.
This plugin enables you to view information about your ogg vorbis files. (relies on which was written by Matthew Elder and released under the LGPL .
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

Zip File Viewer 1.1.0 (xnap-viewer-zipviewer-plugin)

Zip file viewer
Displays the contents of zip files in a table.
Depends on: xnap-core (>= 3.0-beta2)

acrobat 1.0.0 (acrobat)

Adobe Acrobat reader for Java.

calpahtml 2_04 (calpahtml)

Adobe Acrobat reader for Java.

forms 1.0.2 (forms)

Forms layout manager library.

gnu.getopt 1.0.9 (gnu.getopt)

Java getopt library.

icu4j 2.8 (icu4j)

International Components for Unicode

id3v2 1.0 (id3v2)

A library to read and modify ID3 and ID3v2 tags on MP3 files.

jh 1.1.3 (jh)

JavaHelp support.

jtella 0.7 (jtella)

JTella library.

jd3lib 1.0 (jd3lib)

ID3 Tag Library.

jfreechart 0.9.17 (jfreechart)

A free Java chart library.

jmf 2.1.1e (jmf)

Java Multimedia Framework.

kunststoff 2.0.1 (kunststoff)

Kunststoff Look and Feel.

limewire-core 4.0.6 (limewire-core)

Limewire core.
Depends on: collections (= 1.0.0) xerces (= 1.4.4) logicrypto (= 1.0.0) commons-httpclient (= 2.0) commons-logging (= 1.0.3) icu4j (= 2.8) id3v2 (= 1.0)

log4j 1.2.8 (log4j)

Java logging framework.

logicrypto 1.0.0 (logicrypto)

LogiCrypto library.

nanoxml 2.2.3 (nanoxml)

Simple Java XML parser library.

openantivirus 2003.05.01 (openantivirus)

VirusHammer and Virus signatures from May 2003.

pircbot 1.2.5 (pircbot)

Java IRC library.

xerces 1.4.4 (xerces)

XML parser library.

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