The translations are stored in l10n/XNap_[lang ].l10n where [lang] is
replaced by the appropriate two letter language shortcut. The charset
is ISO8859-1 or whatever is needed for the contained translation. The
format is one translation per line: english key=translation, i.e.:
Good Morning=Guten Tag. If the key contains "=" it has to be escaped
"\=" (the translator does not have to worry about that though since
the keys are generated by a java programm).


XNap has a suite of tools to support translations. The tools can be
compiled by calling 'make -C util/'. The tools are represented by the
following Makefile rules:


Scans the source code for used translation keys and inserts new keys
into the l10n files.

Translating into new language 

A new language file can be created by calling 'touch
l10n/XNap_us.l10n; make merge-keys' (replace "us" with the apropriate
language) from the xnap directory. The XNap_us.l10n file will contain
all keys that are used by XNap and that have to be translated.

Changing an existing key

This requires two steps. First change the key in the code. Then edit
l10n/XNap.l10n and change the right side of the "=" to the new key.
Then run 'make sync-keys' to change all other l10n files accordingly.

Updating the properties file

Run 'make l10n-dist'. This will distribute all needed keys from the
l10n/XNap*.l10n files to the xnap/resource/XNap*.properties file.




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